My Values

These are the values that will guide my decisions and priorities as your Ward 1 voice on the Thornton City Council.


I will work toward a community where people can walk outside at night and feel safe. All Ward 1 residents should be able to enjoy our public spaces, while also protecting our most vulnerable neighbors. As a Thornton City Council member I will make our community’s safety a priority:
  • Supporting Thornton Police Department’s community policing efforts, cooperating with HOA and neighborhood associations, Citizen Academies, mental health co-response, and the youth explorer program.
  • Ensuring sidewalks and trials have proper lighting.
  • Ensuring the city quickly responds to requests for graffiti removal in Ward
  • Installing speed bumps and traffic circles to slow vehicles in neighborhoods.
black and white text on wall
close view of graffiti wall


Ward 1 is a community of hard working individuals and families. Making sure their voices are heard by Thornton City Council is my highest objective. As your Ward 1 representative I will prioritize equity in all my decisions and considerations including:
  • ┬áCity codes and ordinances that do not unduly impact people who are vulnerable.
  • Boosting the city’s commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion.
  • Attracting affordable housing and transit oriented development projects


Ward 1 is the heart and soul of the city, and this neighborhood needs more attention to realize its full potential. We need leaders focused on redevelopment and revitalization for long-neglected areas. I will focus on creative ideas for development including:
  • Redevelopment of the Thornton Shopping Center that will catalyze the surrounding community.
  • Securing Community Development Block Grants and other federal grants designed to support families and small businesses.
  • Minimizing obstacles to starting a business in Ward 1.
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